Product Details

The JBL® MS-8 system integration digital processor is a giant leap forward in the pursuit of making upgrades to car audio systems easy. No longer does getting great sound in today’s cars have to be labor-intensive and complicated. This elegant, single-chassis solution, based on digital signal processing (DSP), tastefully integrates with both factory-installed and aftermarket audio systems. It provides both speaker and pre-amp level inputs (up to eight channels to mix and match). Its powerful, menu-driven configuration allows the sophisticated DSP to learn your vehicle’s audio-signal characteristics and acoustic response, and provide a fast and highly effective automated setup that includes Logic 7® audio processing. What’s more, it can analyze and save multiple listening positions. Once it completes making acoustic and signal corrections, it adds precision active crossovers, a 31-band (1/3-octave) equalizer and other user-accessible features for easy adjustment. The unit has its own onboard eight-channel power for connection directly to speakers or pre-amp level outputs to connect more powerful outboard amplifiers. What used to take professional-installation technicians hours of tuning and tweaking now occurs in a matter of minutes.

     General Specifications

TypeSystem Integration Digital Processor
Power Output20W x 8 channels @ 4 ohms, 30W x 8 channels @ 2 ohms
SeriesMS Series

      Audio Specifications

Number of Output Channels : Up to 8
Maximum Input Voltage (Speaker-Level Input) : 15V
DSP Time Correction : Yes
Output Connections : 8 x line-level; 8 x speaker-level
Signal-to-Noise Ratio : (Line-in>Line-out) 90 (Line-in>Speaker-out) 85
Number of Input Channels : Up to 8
Built-In Amplification : Yes
Electronic Crossover Functions : DSP, up to 8 outputs, 6dB/12dB/18dB/24dB/octave
Seating Position Optimization : Driver, front passenger, front area, rear area
31-Band Graphic Equalizer : Yes
Tone Controls : Bass, Mid, Treble
DSP Equalization : Yes
Maximum Output Voltage (Line Output) : 2.8V
Frequency Response : 20Hz–20kHz
Input Signal Conditioning : Yes
Maximum Input Voltage (Line Input) : 2.8V


Display Width (in) : 3-3/8
Weight Display Unit (oz) : 2.8
Main Height (mm) : 55
Display Depth (mm) : 62
Weight Remote Control (oz) : 1.4
Weight Main Unit (kg) : 2.9
Display Width (mm) : 86
Weight Remote Control (g) : 40
Weight Display Unit (g) : 80
Display Height (mm) : 79
Main Depth (mm) : 293
Main Height ( in) : 2-1/8
Display Depth (in) : 2-7/16
Display Height (in) : 3-1/8
Main Width (mm) : 187
Weight Main Unit (lb) : 6.4
Main Depth (in) : 11-1/2

     Video Specifications

Display : 128 x 64 pixel LCD